Uncaged Studios


A fast, turn-based web3 soccer game that's easy to learn yet hard to master.
What if the energy, excitement, and competitiveness of street soccer met the strategic thinking of Chess?
Combining high production and entertainment value gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance, MonkeyLeague is the first in a franchise of web3, turn-based, MonkeySports games that will leverage the same MonkeyAthlete game assets (NFTs).
Build your dream team of at least 6 MonkeyAthlete NFTs that fill the positions of Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalie. Play matches, compete against real players, improve your MonkeyAthletes, and climb the Leagues!
MonkeyLeague will be available in several game modes:
  • Player vs Environment: Learn and polish your skills against the A.I. environment
  • Player vs Player: Compete against other players in your League. Play matches, earn League points and climb the Leagues.
  • Tournaments: Individual and club team tournaments with massive prizes at stake!