Uncaged Studios

The UnCaged Standard

Fun first, rewarding gaming requires high production and entertainment value, top tier game design, mechanics, and art. UnCaged’s quality standard is unmatched and the experience of the studio team is unparalleled in web3 gaming, with over a century of combined experience designing and building games. The team is seasoned throughout multiple disciplines such as end-to-end 3D art and animation creation, blockchain and Unity development, A.I. behavior tree mapping, statistics, and live operations.
Many web3 games suffer from poor economic planning and untamed rewards. Creating scalable games requires a robust, sustainable economy to support the game ecosystem for decades. Building a sustainable economy will derive from strong token utility, controlled inflationary and deflationary mechanisms, and a balanced rewards system that works for the overall ecosystem.
From the team that pioneered freemium mobile gaming, UnCaged has engineered a game economy melding the best of free-to-play and play-and-earn models
While each franchise game within the UnCaged ecosystem will have its own in-game currency, the overall ecosystem will be governed by a single token, $SCORE, and NFT game assets will be interchangeable between games of the same franchise.
UnCaged is building games that not only capture the web3 gaming market but also onboard the next billion traditional gamers into web3.
Central to that mission is releasing AAA-quality games that have wide appeal, mass adoption potential, and low barriers to entry. Launching the game on every app store and a free play-to-play game mode for users to demo first, and making blockchain actions more frictionless will allow our games to transcend the harsh borders of crypto.
UnCaged Studios has developed a custom platform called GAME OS that has been leveraged for its first web3 franchise release, MonkeyLeague. GAME OS is also an end-to-end platform that is leveraged to support the launch and growth of other Web3 games and Web2 studios looking to make the leap to Web3.
While web3 game launchpads exist, launching a game represents only a fraction of the core systems and processes essential to powering growth and managing operations. GAME OS provides critical infrastructure and solutions for launching a game, Live Operations, Marketing, User and Economy Management, Wallet, Custody, and NFT technologies. See Technology tab for further information.
Traditional games and web3 games thus far are also typically centered around one core gameplay loop; race in a racing game, fight in a fighting game, or play matches in a sports game. UnCaged is leveraging web3 technology to create a vast interconnected multi-role ecosystem that offers a range of gamers many ways to participate, play, and earn – all within a sustainable economy.
Multi-Role Esports Gaming
When thinking of the professional sports industry and leagues like the NBA, NFL, or the UEFA, most attention is placed on the players playing the sports, the earnings they receive, and their contributions to the industry. However, most of the business and roles in sports are not in the actual playing, but rather are around the sport with fully-fleshed, interconnected industries, markets, and positions naturally created that form and reinforce the entire sports ecosystem as a whole. From players, coaches, scouts, fans, sponsors and promoters to team, stadium, and store owners and ticket scalpers everyone has a part to play.
Multiple ways to play and earn.
Leveraging the potential of web3, UnCaged is pioneering the next era of gaming by creating a vast ecosystem of interconnected games and roles, where a diverse range of gamers can play and earn in many ways while climbing and achieving soul-bound status tokens along the way.
A central role in the ecosystem are the match players themselves. Build and train a team of MonkeyAthletes, play matches and tournaments, League up, and climb the player trajectory from casual player to MonkeyPro.
Around the players and matches there are multiple active roles and paths that contribute to the ecosystem as a whole.
Whether you want to be a match player and climb the ranks, own a team or stadium and collect fees, become a breeder and renter of MonkeyAthletes, develop land, become an advertiser, sponsor or promoter, a liquidity provider or banker, a tournament organizer, there is an active gameplay position for you within the ecosystem. Each role and position within the ecosystem is interconnected and reinforce each other, creating a true self-sustaining ecosystem, or world.
The multi-play ecosystem is enhanced through a hierarchical system of "Soul-bound" tokens, or non-transferrable tokens (NFTs).
Soul-bound, or non-transferable items, are not new. In fact, web2 game World of Warcraft has soul-bound items in it’s game, which refers to an item that cannot be sold or separated from the player who carries it. Utility of NTSTs in web3 has already begun and its application has the potential to significantly enhance the web3 experience, especially in gaming.
At UnCaged we have worked closely with our partner Jeremy Parris from Delphi Labs to build a system of soul-bound NTSTs that will stretch the entire UnCaged ecosystem. Within the ecosystem where gamers can play and earn in a variety of ways players in a variety of roles can earn certain status by achieving milestones and goals. These SBTs are tied to that player and unlock benefits such as access to more rewarding leagues or tournaments, game features, ecosystem rewards, access to $SCORE, and much more.
Player Trajectory with Achievement based Soul-Bound Tokens:
Match player trajectory - each have prerequisites and extra benefits for achieving.
One main area where UnCaged soul-bound tokens and status achievements will be present are for match players. Whether you are a casual player passing time on the way to work or have your sights set on becoming a Professional player, there are player paths you can take that have prerequisites to achieving them and extra benefits for having done so.
For example, to achieve higher social status tokens such as Pro, you may need to have a full team, have reached a certain level league, and won a certain amount of PvP matches.
UnCaged’s franchise of sports games will act as the crux of the ecosystem and will leverage the same core in-game assets, Monkey NFTs, which serve as match players throughout the franchise series. For example, in MonkeyLeague they are the soccer match players on the field but can also be used as match players in other sports games in the franchise. This level of asset portability (makes) the Monkey NFTs, or players, actual MonkeyAthletes, providing unprecedented utility to NFT game assets.
While each game will have its own in-game currency, the entire UnCaged ecosystem will be governed by a second overarching token, $SCORE.
Growth and expansion will spawn new roles and ways to play and earn which will further strengthen and advance the ecosystem.
At UnCaged we're not just building games, we’re building a web3 ecosystem set to last a lifetime.