Uncaged Studios


Led by Raz Friedman, Shahaf Bar Geffen and Tal Friedman, UnCaged Studios’ team of absolute ninjas has one of the highest concentrations of Web3, Product, 3D art, design and game development experience in all of Web3. With over a century of combined experience designing and developing games, the UnCaged team are previous pioneers of mobile gaming and the free-to-play model, having built games that have generated billions USD in revenue.
The UnCaged Team
Shahaf Bar Geffen. Chairman. Shahaf is a seasoned tech entrepreneur & web3 pioneer, having co-founded the WEB3 group in 2006 (acquired by IPG) and Positive Mobile (acquired by Brightcom). In 2017, Shahaf co-founded COTI, a successful layer one protocol and in 2020 a new VIX-like Defi primitive named CVI.
Raz Friedman. CPO. Co-founder and former Chief Product Officer at Playtika, Raz Friedman’s experience is unparalleled as a game designer and developer, having been in charge of widely popular games that generate billions in revenue. Playtika is a massive game developer, a publicly listed company that is traded on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: PLTK). It creates disruptive gaming experiences that reshape the gaming landscape. At UnCaged, Raz leads the overall game content vision and product management and is hands-on in the games’ design and mechanics.
Tal Friedman, GM. The current GM of UnCaged Studios, Tal Friedman is a gaming industry veteran with a decade of experience leading product, monetization, and customer success teams for top studios. Prior to UnCaged, Tal spent the last five years at Playtika [NASDAQ: PLTK], a global leader in immersive mobile gaming, most recently as General Manager of their top grossing game.
Nir Shney-dor. CTO. Former Director of Technology at Jelly Button Games (acquired). Spent 20 years in R&D, most recently at Amazon Web Services.
Nadav Shmeuly. Head of Game Development. Unity expert who's been developing and leading teams developing on Unity for over a decade.
Yossi Kerman. VP of Creative. Former Creative Director at Comunix game studio, Yossi has been leading & directing art for game studios for nearly a decade.
Itai Schlesinger. Head of 3D Art. A 3D artist and animator with nearly a decade experience working for some of the biggest game companies and studio production houses.
Liron Farjon. Head of Product. Former product at Playtika & Scopely, Liron has spent nearly a decade in product management & live operations
Tomer Brandes. Head of Operations. Former VP operations at Albert. Led product development & operations for startups & publicly listed companies for the last decade.
Oren Langberg. Head of Marketing & Partnerships. Spent over 15 years leading marketing, partnership, and business development in private and publicly listed companies.
Uri Shavit. Game Product Director. Experienced gaming product lead and game designer from Jelly Button Games (Acquired). Leading new games from concept to successful launch and growth.
Jenya Gorodnytsky. Senior Unity Developer. A seasoned software and game developer with a decade of experience, specializing in Unity.
Raz Hollander. Unity Developer. With over five years of experience on Unity, Raz is an ultra talented and experienced game developer.
Matan Cohen. Unity Developer. A talented Unity developer with several years experience building games for multiple platforms with a specialty in developing A.I. technology.
Alexey Pozdnyakov. Unity Developer. Over a decade of software development experience, with the last 7 years specializing in Unity, having worked for one of the biggest game studios in Russia prior to joining UnCaged.
Vladimir Sazonov. Unity Developer. With a couple of years experience developing for previous gaming companies in Russia, Vladimir is a young and talented Unity developer.
Shai Pozazy. Marketing Ops & Community Lead. Seasoned marketing and operations manager with experience in managing and growing communities.
Boaz Goel. Lead 2D Artist. Over a decade of experience in animation and illustration, production high production value designs, having spent the last several years at Jelly Button Games.
Omer Goldlust. Lead 3D Animator. Highly experienced 3D charactor animator and 2D animations, having spent several years at Snowball Studios working on Disney productions.
Jonathan Schneider. 3D Artist. A 3D artist previously worked in gaming companies such as Game Boost and Playtika delivering outstanding 3D Art projects.
Anton Hayat. 3D Artist. Highly experienced 3D artist, creating 3D characters and animations for seven years, most recently at his own studio and for Snowball Studios.
Johanna Puukila. 2D Artist. A skilled artist in multiple disciplines from 2D illustrating and texturing to 3D modeling, Johanna has over a decade of deep experience as an artist.
Kfir Balouka. 3D Artist. 3D artist with a BA of Game & Interactive Media, Kfir has worked as a 3D artist in the gaming world most recently at Road2 Haifa.
Gal Tchernihovski. Technical Artist. Has spent the last five years as a graphic designer and technical artist for Unity.
Tom Peres. Full-Stack Developer. A decade of experience as a full-stack developer, most recently at Wix.com for the six years prior to UnCaged.
Orly Elazar. Full Stack Developer. With over a decade of experience as a software developer, Orly is a full-stack developing ninja with a wide range of experience in multiple disciplines.
Yadin Yafe. Front-End Developer. Developing nearly 5 years, full stack developer - like front end. Gaming largely.
Michal Tal. QA Engineer Team Lead. Experienced full stack developer with several years of experience managing product and leading QA teams.
Shahar Grinshpon. Senior QA Engineer. A season QA engineer with over four years of experience in gaming.
Veronika Taistova. QA Engineer. QA engineer with experience working in start ups and publicly traded companies.
Liat Presman. QA Engineer. Quality Assurance with previous experience in the Israeli Air Force as a room operator.
Barbara Klajman. Customer Support & Operations Manager. Customer support & operations with experience in account managing and digital marketing and a recent background in customer support.
Carol Wurzmann. Marketing Manager. Marketing Manager with a couple of years experience in management and many different areas of marketing both digital and traditional.
Carmel Manriquez. UI Designer. Carmel brings several years of experience a designer, specializing in the last UI design.
Gal Bar Ashkenazi. HR Manager. Gal is not only super talented, she knows talent - having spent nearly a decade in recruitment for large organizations.
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