Uncaged Studios

Benefits to Web3 Gaming

Web3 represents the next evolution of the internet, a decentralized web built and sustained by the people that enhances connectivity around the world and empowers users to claim ownership of parts of it.
Blockchain technology, web3, allows for a whole new level of gaming experience by decentralizing key components of the game, empowering gamers with ownership of valued assets, control over information, and enabling the ability to earn rewards in the form of digital currency that holds real world value outside of the game.
Where web2 games have total central authority over everything game-related including the assets and information and use a pay-to-play model, web3 gaming is more player-centric and offers true ownership and portability of in-game assets, while using a play-to-earn model. Meaning, in web3 games players purchase digital game assets that are developed as NFTs, use them to play the game, and earn rewards. Through gameplay, these assets can be improved upon to better performance in the game to potentially earn more.
Built on the blockchain, web3 games have in-game digital currencies that are the lifeblood of the game economy. It’s used for transactions in various aspects of the game and is earned through gameplay or other meaningful value added activities. As the game, player ecosystem, and currency utility grow, the value of the token and game assets grow as well. Web3 game economies have much to evolve with the future being sustainable economies that have a balanced rewards system.
Web3 also empowers gamers and asset or currency holders of the game to be what adds up to investors of the game. The decentralized nature allows gamers, or investors, to contribute their opinion to the game’s progression and future.
Current gaming studios and projects have only scratched the surface of what’s possible in web3 and UnCaged will constantly push the boundaries of quality, fun and rewarding gameplay.
In MonkeyLeague’s case, UnCaged’s first esports release of a franchise, web3 not only enables the creation of a vast multi-role and play ecosystem and ownership of in-game assets by players, it empowers everyday players to become esports stars.