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GameFi 2.0

Here We Come.
The popularity of games such as Axie Infinity have been difficult to ignore but as web3 develops and evolves, increased competition and technological advances will provide web3 gamers with better entertainment value for their time. In addition, as more traditional, sophisticated gamers make the jump to Web3, the demand for higher production and entertainment value games will increase exponentially.
Google Trends chart on play to earn gaming.
As you can see in the graphs above, as pioneers of play-to-earn blockchain gaming, several lower production value gaming projects that focused almost entirely on the earning mechanism enjoyed high popularity initially but it’s not sustainable as more quality gaming became available. At the same time, adoption and popularity of web3 gaming continues to soar. However, for web3 gaming to succeed it needs to take the best of web2 and evolve it to leverage the power of web3 where earning money is a strong element of the game but not a primary incentive for people to play.
The question all Web3 studios should ask themselves about their players is - if the players didn’t need the money, would they still play the game?
The answer to this question represents the core of UnCaged’s gaming philosophy. A philosophy that fuels our vision for the future of GameFi 2.0.
Bottom line. Games should be fun and engaging first, regardless of rewards.
Fun and engaging gameplay, high production and entertainment value, sustainable economies that have a skill based rewards system are the keys to a foothold in the future of web3 gaming and UnCaged is at the forefront, pushing the boundaries that define what is gaming.