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Problems with Web2 Gaming

Problems with Traditional Gaming
The need and demand for blockchain technology in gaming has evolved greatly due to limitations in traditional web2 gaming. The core of these issues is driven by and large to limitations on the ability to trade and/or own in-game assets. Currently, players can purchase assets but these assets only hold virtual value within the game – it can’t be traded or sold on external platforms. One such example is in mobile gaming where vast sums of money are spent by players on in-game items and assets – assets they don’t control, can’t trade or sell, and in fact hold no real benefit or value outside that game.
In addition, control over in-game information and content is key. In traditional games, all information related to the game is held on their own servers and the game owners have complete control over the usage of all game-related information. Hence, games that have a centralized authority for everything game related. Web3 games, or games built on or around the blockchain, empower gamers by decentralizing and distributing ownership of game assets and how they interact with the game and the economy around the game.